Vision & Values


 We will be delivering better care, better health, at lower cost.

 To create a brand which signifies that a we can offer the best in terms of service, quality and rates.

 To become a leading pathology laboratory for comprehensive diagnostic services.

 Aim to be an organization with high staff morale and participation.

 Provide state-of-the-art diagnostic pathology services while achieving excellence in pathology research.


1. Patient Care:-

To providing comprehensive and high quality laboratory testing services in a patient outcome and health. We are committed to strategies that result in continuous improvement of the quality of our services. We also initiate focused programs to promote efficient and safe patient care.

We will never forget that a patient is depending on the results we provide. Our focus is on taking care of the patients and doctors who trust us.

2. Commitment:-

We value excellence and effective service to our communities. As part of the healthcare community, we are committed to providing affordable and precise laboratory testing services to one and all.

3. Trust :-

We build trust through upholding the highest ethical standards, exceeding the expectations of our customers, and being responsible members of our local communities.

4. Innovation:-

We innovate by providing novel information delivery and diagnostic services and by fostering an environment of professional learning and development.

5. Service -

We serve our customers by understanding their needs and holding ourselves accountable to respond to those needs with excellence.

6. Dedicated Staff:-

Our staff is our most valuable resource and are supported and recognized for their accomplishments. Our staff works with each other, referring providers and patients to coordinate ongoing pathology diagnosis and management excellence.

For more information, please contact us at 0120- 4215167 / 9999231150 or email us at for any test requirement or any query related to the lab.

Whole Body Executive Health Check-Up:-Rs. 999/- Only